Sunday, January 30, 2011

Days at Site

The days at site, like usual, are speeding by at a pace I've still not gotten used to.

Biggest challenge I've found currently is the lack of H20 at my house. The water source that I had just began to take for advantage (the running tap that fills into a tank above my hallway) has given out completely to the dry season. Thus I am now forced to hall my 20 liter jerrycans to fill them at the nearest bore hole. The walk DOWN to the bore hole isn't a big deal, and it's only a little over a kilometer away...but when you're carrying 20 liters of water in each hand back UP to your house, It is a little annoying. My technique of carrying the jugs actually reminded me of a man I met on the Appalachian Trail, named Rewind.

He had two duffel bags, and he'd hike 50 yards with one bag, set it down...then go back, take the other duffel bag, and walk 50 yards to bring it equal to its counterpart. He then repeated. And repeated.

I was able to carry both jugs at once, thankfully, but my pick up and (30 seconds later) set down method was pretty frustrating. Add on the 30 plus kids that I (so slowly) passed by with this process, and it was also pretty embarrassing. Stupid muzungu, you got too much water!! So greedy, muzungu!! Caning is a terrible thing, and I really hope I don't have to see kids getting punished in such a fashion at my nearby schools...but at the time it seemed like a pretty fun idea. Just saying.

The worst part about the water though is that the only real access I have as far as #2's is through my toilet. The toilet was at first a welcome surprise, but has turned itself quickly into a water guzzling handicap. After taking 35 minutes bringing back 40 liters, I could have cried pouring in 8 liters for one flush of the toilet. I didn't though. Couldn't waste the water.

Anyway, besides that, everything is going well. The health center is now something I look forward to traveling to, as opposed to the dread with which it used to fill my days with. I have found some small ways to make myself useful, even if right now that means, most days, diagnosing malaria and typhoid on a high school microscope.

This coming week should be a good one, with scheduled appointments with people from local start-up groups, to the local government officials, to even a meeting with the inspector general of the police of Uganda. Pretty cool.

Thank you to Ann and Mama Boddie for the packages!! Ann, i promise that I didn't eat all of the goodies at one time! In fact It took me nearly the whole day to eat them. Haha.

Also got an awesome package from the parentals with some good "don't make them like they used to" books, one of which is the perfect eclectic collection of DIY projects.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the love!

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