Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wakiso, at Homestay

Here I am in Wakiso! I once again only have time to touch base; the electricity here is extremely shotty and the last time I tried to post something, I got a couple paragraphs in and it turned off completely. Ohwell.

I have started to reside with the Kanakulya family. Samuel, the eldest of 5 children, is the one who I have gotten closest with. He has shown me around Wakjso, and introduced me to his friends and his hang outs. Already I feel comfortable calling him my brother. Boddies, you have new family members!

Michael and Agnes are my father and mother, and they couldn't be more helpful with everything in helping me to become proficient as a volunteer. I am going to start helping to build some structures at home that they can use, that they can then share and help spread among their community. Many of the items are fairly simple but can greatly reduce the spread of several kinds of malaria. I am so privileged to be given such a great power and, therefore, responsibility.

That is it for now. Other things need to be done before the electricity shuts off!! Send emails and I will do my best to respond, and comments are more than welcome and certainly make me feel nice. Thanks for all the love that has already been sent my way. Good luck to all until next time!

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  1. Hi Matthew! That's really cool you get to stay with a family. Couldn't be a better way to get to know a culture from the inside out! Send pics of your new friends when you can.