Sunday, August 15, 2010

Greetings from Uganda!!

Hey guys! Just got my first chance at heading into kampala, and thus my first chance to actually make a statement to the outside world. Life here is unbelievable. The temperature stays at a breezy 75, no humidity, rain comes and leaves in a matter of minutes, and the countryside is amaaaazing.

Was put into a Ateso language group; this means I will be living in east, not quite to Kenya. Pumped!!!!!!

Everybody here is really nice. Have a phone now, but am figuring out its number still. Will inform as I know. Get your skype ready, parents and friends!!!!


  1. Congratulations Matthew! Can't wait to read about your adventures. Proud of you.

    Anne Dimmette Bell

  2. Yayyyayayay! Glad you got there okay.

  3. Hi Matthew! This is awesome! I'll be sure to send this info to Scott and Drew. I think the Hill has been over 100 degrees recently so enjoy "cool" Uganda for a while! from Libby Murphy