Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Farewell to the Hill

Today was tough. It is the last official day and night that I will spend in Chapel Hill for the next 27 months.

To Chapel Hill, UNC: To say you and I have memories would be like saying Roger Federer has a good tennis game. I have lived here for 5 years now, and each year...each month...each day I have felt myself daydreaming about how much I love this place and your unbelievable campus. I am so proud to have lived here, so proud to be a tarheel. With this pride, I absolutely feel as though there is a weight of responsibility for me to represent Chapel Hill and UNC with whatever I do with the rest of my life. It is a weight I take gladly; an honor to know that I have become part of your tradition. I will take care not to embarass you.

To Spanky's: Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You took me in my sophomore year, and put your faith in me that I would be there for you. As I moved up the ranks, I only gained respect for the jobs that you provide and the service that you provide for both employees and the customers themselves. Even though you're not the best dating setter-upper (haha), you have always given me piece of mind to pursue the things that I want to do in life. There is no job that I would have rather had.

To Crunkleton: It has always been a dream of mine to be a regular. The idea of it is so homey, so warm and comforting to have a place where, as they say, "everybody knows your name." You have provided that to me, and more. As it is an honor to be a part of UNC, so to is it an honor and a privilege to consider myself part of your greater whole. I will keep my pool skills sharp, and will look for you at the tables.

To Chi Psi: Wow. I've Hated you, and I've loved you. I've ignored you, and I've been immersed in everything that you do. I will look upon my 4 years with you, and my 2 years under your roof, as the type of years that I hope to emulate for much of my life. But maybe not too much of my life.

To Squids: How quickly you took me in and brought me into your group. Although there wasn't much time shared, it is amazing how comfortable working for you has been. Fried Chicken will never, ever be the same to me because of you.

To Uganda: I hope you know how many places, lives, and living places that I have sacrificed for you. I have found people, and I have found a woman, whom I would be so lucky to be with as long as I live; yet here I am giving myself to you for over 2 years. Are you ready for me? Am I ready for you? Do you realize the passion that I am bringing? Am I going to be able to really make this worthwhile for both of us? I can only hope that you will be close to as loving as my Chapel Hill has been to me.
You've certainly got a lot to live up to.

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  1. Heave the anchor short!
    Raise main-sail and jib--steer forth,
    O little white-hull'd sloop, now speed on really deep waters,
    (I will not call it our concluding voyage,
    But outset and sure entrance to the truest, best, maturest;)
    Depart, depart from solid earth--no more returning to these shores,
    Now on for aye our infinite free venture wending,
    Spurning all yet tried ports, seas, hawsers, densities, gravitation,
    Sail out for good, eidolon yacht of me!