Friday, February 11, 2011

Next week

I've (as have the rest of the PCV's in Uganda) been officially put on house arrest, until the craziness of elections have subsided. I've made next week extremely busy as a result; it's not that I dislike being at site, or that I haven't made good friends here. But sometimes when your parents lock you in your room, the first thing you want to do is figure out a way to get out.

Thus, I've created a big list of things to keep me occupied.
1)Complete hole for the latrine (we are over 7 feet done! 3 more to go!)
2)Move the dirt over to the foundation for the new Maternity Ward we are constructing
3)Set up hammock poles next to the house (I plan on sleeping out under the stars every night that it is clear, starting tomorrow)
4)Dig hole for my plastic waste; putting it in boxes in my office doesn't make it disappear, apparently.
5)Buy glass sections for a big fancy solar dehydrator from which to use as example at the health center
6)Start the process of connecting these Ugandan children to American classrooms; this is already underway for a couple of my classes!!
7)Start 4-school wide competition for the best artistic expression of proper nutrition, to be rewarded by given paint materials and supplies to paint poster for the health center to post
8)Put up a big ass pole in the middle of the Primary School, and attach signs with mileage postings and directions to Johannesburg, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio De Janeiro, and of course Chapel Hill.

Oh, and if all else fails...I just started The Count of Monte Cristo.

Thanks for all the emails and messages through facebook; keep them coming through my lockdown at site!

happy v-day weekend,

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