Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Darkness Falls

...And stayed there for around a week.

After my computer charger got fried (again), the power was at least nice enough to ease the blow and cut itself off for a solid 7 days. Now the power is back, and I'm on the Parish Priest's computer (Thank you, Computers 4 Africa) for the time being. No big deal.

I have done a lot of writing. As a result of said loss of power, an annoying accident involving an oversized brick and my big toe, and another annoying accident involving the equatorial sun and shirtless shoulders has left me in the shade for the large portion of this week. I will organize and get them up here when I can.

For now, The Danny Green UNC jerzey has been adorned; it won't come off again until after the Dook game. Looking forward to some payback.