Monday, March 7, 2011

Karate, Wrestling, and Bacon

After a short medical trip, a successful meeting about an upcoming boys empowerment camp, and getting to help train some of the PC neophytes, I have returned home. There are few feelings that I know of than walking into a room where everybody immediately jumps up and hugs you after being gone for more than a couple days. So happy to be back home.

Taking it easy tonight; tomorrow I will be cooking with the parish priest for the ladies of the parish (international women's day!), which I'm super pumped about. I, of course, will be cooking grilled cheeses. I'm also going to be writing a LOT of letters to my newest American classroom, which has already been a lot of fun. One lady who wrote me gave me her likes, and it seemed to me to depict America so perfectly in only three words...thus the title of this post.

If anybody has any cool ideas to help get these kids in Uganda thinking creatively, holler. I am starting up egg drop competitions, paper airplane objectives, trebuchet building days, etc. etc. etc.

My number is now specifically +256757817300; the rest are more than likely going to be off from here on out. Just so you know.

The moment that I got the final score (5 am my time) I went outside and jumped over an old lady with a fire going to cook breakfast. She wasn't impressed. I sang the fight song. She stared. I jumped over again. She left the fire completely, deciding to cut her losses and to let the looney have his day. It isn't exactly Franklin Street, but it felt like home.

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