Monday, June 4, 2012

America, NPHC, Mango Fly

In a week I'll be stateside with some pretty lovely people.  That'll be nice.

In the meantime, all kind of stuff is going on!  We are a registered, certificate holding NGO within Uganda (that is, the Ngora Parish Harmack Company is), and I along with the company are also official landowners.  Pretty cool.

In 2 days time, my boys & girls will be meeting with the U.S. Embassy Small Grant workers, who are making a trip to come and see the NPHC and see if it is worthy of their funding.  We are hoping to scale up the project in a big way, and we're hoping that we can do it through the help of a grant rather than a big nasty loan.  Finger's crossed.

Forgot to mention this in the last blog post.  I just recently had my first Mango fly.  A mango fly, for those of you fortunate enough to need an explanation, is a fly that lays eggs...into...a person.  Basically the imbed themselves into you, lay their eggs, and peace (I think that's the gist, anyway).  It looks like a big zit for about a week...and then it just gets bigger.  I started wondering what was going on, because there was a big red circle on my left calf.  After a while, it become more swollen and it looked unnaturally dark in the center of the abscess.  It didn't hurt too out of curiosity,  I started squeezing it around the edges to see if it was in fact just acne.  Out popped a 1cm or so little guy, and I was looking at it on my finger.  Then the damn thing started to wiggle around!  Don't worry---I took a video of the little dance he/she was doing, and a couple pictures of where it came from (i.e. a hole in my calf).  

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