Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yeah, but...

Now that this meeting (read the post below this one) is over, all that is between me and Stateside is 4 days.  LETS DO IT!!!

I am freekin pumped.  Being in Uganda has made me such a proud American in so many more ways that I would have thought.  I realize that the U.S. has its fair share of problems as well---but when you give it some perspective, it truly is amazing all of the amazing things we've accomplished as a group in such a small amount of time.

So--America, get ready.  Bring out all the UNC grads, the XY alums, the Bod & Graham clans, the Suite 5 members and groupies, the Spanky's workers, The Squids bar crew members and regulars, the whiskey drinks, the blue skies, and...can I say this?...the short skirts.  

Truth be told...I'm not sure if I'm prepared for the 1st world life, after having gotten so used to all that the 3rd world brings with it.  My speech has gotten slower, timing more lax.  When it rains, I now mentally cancel everything I had planned, until the rain again ends. I get sleepy when it gets dark, and rise before it becomes light (most days). Everyday I wake up with "hopes," but have accepted that 3/5 of these hopes won't be completed...only the first, or the second, or the 15th step will be taken towards its completion.  I bathe out of a bucket if I want hot water, and do so only as a treat to myself.  I eat street food 3 times a day to supplement the 3 huge meals I get fed everyday....and I've still lost 15 pounds since leaving America. 

If there is anything that you have been dreaming about getting from Uganda, now is the time.  Speak up or forever be without.  By the way---this includes your very own Ngora Parish Harmack!  


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